SIMC DIARIES – CHAPTER 14 – “Life Isn’t The Same Anymore” – PART 2 – The Grand Finale

SIMC DIARIES – CHAPTER 14 – “Life Isn’t The Same Anymore” – PART 2 – The Grand Finale

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The Boys Hostel

The Boys HostelSIMCian - Photo Courtesy - Deiva Rayan / Prakrit SIMCian – Photo Courtesy – Deiva Rayan / PrakritSymbiosis International University – SIMC – My Home For 2 Years – 2011-13

As I said, I shall return pretty soon with more thoughts, more memories and more nostalgia. Yes “Life isn’t the same anymore.” We have to admit. We because, at this moment, at this very time, everyone who has been an integral part of the SIMC Diaries is either making a presentation somewhere, is either shooting something or stuck in the traffic cribbing about their city’s traffic woes and the week ahead. Weekend is far far away!

Recollecting the days gone by, many may feel attending the odd Sunday lectures still is a better option today than making a presentation over the weekend. Spending a Saturday night at Silver Spoon, The Hangover or just at the city, crashing to a friend’s place is anytime better than working on a supposed half-day turned into a full-day, thanks to the moron boss. While he/she is happily enjoying his weekend, our plans stand screwed. And one’s lucky to have a five-day working week- Well all one may be thinking, how come Monday-Friday seem to pass slow, while Saturday-Sunday passes like a fast Virar local. I am talking from Mumbai’s point of view. I am rest sure that the scenario of my fellow SIMC inmates spread across the world will be no different.

All I remember saying to Rahul Bharadwaj and Humanity was “Corporate Life sucks!” Luckily while I didn’t get a corporate job, the emotion is no different. It still is better though looking into my other friends and the way they are slogging, in a new city (for many) and amidst different cultures. But yes, one thing for sure, with hectic work schedules, awry timings, it’s a blessing if one manages to catch up with friends over the weekend.

It’s now been four months but I haven’t been able to catch up (as regularly) with so many of my friends. I was lucky to have a good time with Siddharth, Smith just before I got a job at Business Of Cinema (all thanks to Ankit Saxena from my junior batch, to have sent me the Facebook Page link). That was probably one of the last great encounters I remember. Oh Yes! Sohom had dropped by home and it was again a great Sunday spent discussing “woes, wow’s and wtf’s!” of SIMC. Felt inspired.

Many will agree on the fact that, we all made promises to stay in touch. Meet over weekends and do something ‘special’. But to be really honest, we haven’t got the time. Few have been really lucky. I also must admit that I had these moments too, but there’s always that life’s one excuse – I am tied up with things, I am busy! While many times, I genuinely had work and I couldn’t make it but there were occasions when certain pressures of your job, career, personal, love-hate, will just keep you away from a social life. I managed to have phone conversations with Ninjaa (Niranjana) and made plans of meeting on a Saturday evening in town with a few friends, but it never happened. I hope it happens this week. I believe that the reason is simple. Many travel by train (again talking from the Mumbai’s point of view) on multiple routes daily. Some from Andheri-Bandra, some from Panvel-CST, some Virar-Churchgate and so on. May be it just gets so monotonous week over week, months after months that we begin to truly miss being at home over weekends, just because we can avoid the train crowds, just for a day! That’s how life has changed! Yes. “Life certainly isn’t the same anymore!”

For many priorities have changed, for many the perceptions about life. In each one of us (including me), I bet something or the other has changed. May be we have grown in the four months after college. Or may-be we have just learnt what taking up bigger responsibilities is all about! But we all have grown up pretty fast. I just realise that the four months, that brought us back from the luxuries of the hills at Lavale to the harsh realities of our respective ‘corporate’, ‘journalistic’, ‘media-planning’, ‘advertising’, ‘directorial’, ‘editorial’, ‘reporting’ and any other LIFE, has passed so quickly, even faster than those Sunday lectures, which we miss. At least then, we still had the company of friends in the class. Now we have our pillow (literally or otherwise) as our companion for LIFE!

The long Saturday night conversations at the hostels have been replaced with the number of mails in our inboxes from bosses and clients. The mixture of breakfast from bad-good-worse have been replaced to appraisals at work, the walk to the academic block has been substituted to tiring journeys of the locals, the boring classes (which now we miss) seem a mere reflection of last-minute presentation meetings, editorial meets or otherwise. We don’t realise when it’s 5:00 PM now, but we had a reason then. We don’t know when it’s lunch time now, when we had a reason then too. Numerous trips to the city have just been replaced by calls tom our bosses. Assignment deadlines have been replaced with client deadlines, and sadly there is no extension here!!!

Forget catching the 9:00 PM bus, now all we wait is when our boss leaves office after those 10-12 hours and sometimes pray that our specific train isn’t late or maybe we just get a sit by the window. Only because that’s the time you have to yourself, your memories and your wonderful moments.

I recollect the best times, the odd laughter, the leg-pulling and maybe just close my eyes into a plethora of memories of college life, only to be woken up by the rush at Kurla station and the constant chattering of people. As I see the odd fifty people barge into the tiny compartment, I realise probably life must have been similar for them some years back, from college to corporate, but they have moved on. Maybe our time has arrived.

First Few Days...First New Friends

First Few Days…First New Friends





At The Academic Block With Sameer, Piyush

At The Academic Block With Sameer, Piyush – Photo Courtesy Piyush Bundile

The First Of The 'BABA' Meets

The First Of The ‘BABA’ Meets – BOYS Hostel Moments

First City Outing

First City Outing

Formation Of Symbi Kavala

Formation Of Symbi Kavala – Sameer, Jithin And Me

@ E-Square Pune

@ E-Square Pune – Niranjana , Myself And Sameer

Recreation Centre - Who Knew Then, Rahul and Rahul Would Become Roomies?

Recreation Centre – Who Knew Then, Rahul and Rahul Would Become Roomies? With Ishan Naman Sinha

SYMBI Kavala Celebrating First Ever ONAM At SIU

SYMBI Kavala Celebrating First Ever ONAM At SIU

Celebrating The Spirit Of Onam

Celebrating The Spirit Of Onam

Will ONAM Ever Be Complete Without The Grand Lunch? Onam Sadhya @ Sheetal

Will ONAM Ever Be Complete Without The Grand Lunch? Onam Sadhya @ Sheetal – With Appu, Kitty, Maroof

An Actor Prepares

An Actor Prepares With Jithin Matthew – Enacting The EPIC ‘Devdas’ Scene @ Symbiosis Studios

An Actor Prepares With Jithin Mathhew - Dressing Up The STAR

An Actor Prepares With Jithin Mathhew – Dressing Up The STAR – Jithin In & As MOHANLAL



The MALLU Gang

The MALLU Gang With Reshma Ematty, Jithin, Ninjaa

The BEING FILMY Pose Once Again - Photo Courtesy - Niranjana H

The BEING FILMY Pose Once Again – Photo Courtesy – Niranjana H


I Wish To see beyond the boundaries….I wish to see beyond the clouds…all I want is to look beyond my imaginations….I know there is a road there….the road of success and happiness…maybe you can’t see it…but i can…Try folllowing my path…u won’t be disappointed



That June Evening It Was A Fight...Today It's A Memory

That June Evening It Was A Fight…Today It’s A Memory with Rosanna and Shefali

Outcome Of The Fight

Outcome Of The Fight – With Rosanna, Sohom And IDMP Team


AARAMBH – First Year

TIE & TAB Together To Win A Pot Of Dahi! - Janmashtami 2011

TIE & TAB Together To Win A Pot Of Dahi! – Janmashtami 2011

The Theatre Clan

The Theatre Clan – SIMC Drama/Theatre Culb

The Acting 'Keeda'

The Acting ‘Keeda’ – Small Talks Play Reading With Tanvi Mishra

The Acting 'Keeda'  - Small Talks Play Reading With Tanvi Mishra

The Acting ‘Keeda’ – Small Talks Play Reading With Tanvi Mishra (2)

The Acting 'Keeda'  - Small Talks And Two Cooks Two Many Play Reading With Tanvi Mishra & Chandan P From P&G

The Acting ‘Keeda’ – Small Talks And Two Cooks Two Many, Play Reading With Tanvi Mishra & Chandan P From P&G

The First Time - Wearing The SIMC Blazer

The First Time – Wearing The SIMC Blazer With Sudhanshu, Nimisha Lost In Some Deep Discussion..Is That An Attendance Sheet Behind??

Mac Book Fun With Parineeta, Niranjana, Pranati

Mac Book Fun With Parineeta, Niranjana, Pranati

Ganpati Bappa Moraya!! - Ganesh Visarjan

Ganpati Bappa Moraya!! – Ganesh Visarjan

Durga Pooja Celebration @ Congress Ground - Bonding With The BONGS!!!

Durga Pooja Celebration @ Congress Ground – Bonding With The BONGS!!! – Photo Courtesy: Saikishore

Bhog, Sandesh, Food, Happy Birthday Sohom - Double Celebration

Bhog, Sandesh, Food, Happy Birthday Sohom – Double Celebration

The 'Hospital' Gang - Rippal Bhandari ??

The ‘Hospital’ Gang – Rippal Bhandari, Sonal, Pranati, Pari, Piyush

Horn Ok Plsss

Horn Ok Plsss – Piyush, Pranati, Sonal, Piyush

The Three Moods Of SIMC-MMC

The Three Moods Of SIMC-MMC – Photographer – Nikita, Writer-Myself, Reader/Designer – Vinay Agrawal

Achievement? Or Not!!

Achievement? Or Not!! SYMBUZZZZZZZZ

Social Responsibility Project @ TAMAHAR

Social Responsibility Project @ TAMAHAR – Photo Courtesy: Vishakha Pithwal

TEAM TAMAHAR - SRP Bangalore Team

TEAM TAMAHAR – SRP Bangalore Team – Shivani, Vishakha, Harsha, Vaishali Pai (CEO & Founder Tamahar), Oreo and Myself

Learnings - MMC Also Have Classes!!

Learnings – MMC Also Have Classes!! – MMC – 2011-2013 With Siddharth Sharma- Sports Editor Star/ABP News

Learnings - Miss Laura Taking Documentary Lessons With MMC-2011-13 Batch

Learnings – Miss Laura Taking Documentary Lessons With MMC-2011-13 Batch

Street Photography Trip

Street Photography Trip @ Pune Camp With Humanity And Niranjana

Happy Birthday Niranjana

Happy Birthday Niranjana – 1st Year


HAPPY HOLI!!! Photo Courtesy: Our Very Own Rishabh Nagpal

"Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Na Karo"

“Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Na Karo” – Swathi Ravichandran and Siddharth

Runway Talks

Runway Talks With Pari, Mayuri, Vinay And Pseudo SIMCian Kalyan

Welcome To Second Year

Welcome To Second Year With Rahul & Rahul

Happpy Birthday Jithin

Happpy Birthday Jithin

Colours Of SIMC

Colours Of SIMC – At SIMC Library

SYMBI Kavala's ONAM - Second Year

SYMBI Kavala’s ONAM – Second Year With Rosanna

Preparing Late-Night For SIMCatalyst

Preparing Late-Night For SIMCatalyst – Photo Courtesy: Alenkar With Sohom, Ritwik, Prateek

The Winning Moment @ SIMCatalyst

The Winning Moment @ SIMCatalyst With Sohom, Prateek, Ritwik (playing Football)

Iyer Brothers - Play Readings @ Ashish Sen Class

Iyer Brothers – Play Readings @ Ashish Sen Class – Siddharth And Myself

Happy B Day To Me - Turning 25

Happy B Day To Me – Turning 25 – My Birthday On SIMC Campus

KHATARNAAK Zone - After The 10:00 PM Coffee

KHATARNAAK Zone – After The 10:00 PM Coffee With Rahul Bharadwaj, Siddharth, Divya Gupta, Jassi, Pooja G, UW, Vishakha, Vineet, Prutha, Rishabh

With Nikhil (Roomie 1st Year), Barkha, Chitnis, Bhaskar

With Nikhil (Roomie 1st Year), Barkha, Chitnis, Bhaskar







Friends For Life

Friends For Life – With Pari and Pranati

Brothers For Life

Brothers For Life – 206 Will Not Remain The Same: Vineet (We Couldn’t Land A Job At The Same Place Bro!!) And Siddharth

That Last Night

That Last Night – KHATARNAAK!!!!! – Thanks For The Memories

Of Lonely Evenings And Lonelier Nights....

Of Lonely Evenings And Lonelier Nights….



Good Bye Siddharth - Siddharth''s Last Day

Good Bye Siddharth – Siddharth”s Last Day – Photo Courtesy: Rosanna


FRIENDS FOREVER – From First Year Our Friendship Saw The Good And Bad…Yet We Moved On…With Niranjana. Photo Courtesy: Jithin Matthew

The Last Meal : Poha And Chai

The Last Meal : Poha And Chai

Nanben Da!!!

Nanben Da!!! With Jithin Matthew – Aliyaaa

Farewell Is Just A Reason, To Meet Again

There isn’t always a reason to say goodbye.
It’s probably an assurance that we shall meet again.

– Rahul Iyer – 


SIMC DIARIES – CHAPTER 13 – “Life Isn’t The Same Anymore” – Part 1

SIMC Diaries – Chapter 13 – Life Isn’t The Same Anymore – Part I

The Earlier Journey Of SIMC Diaries:

Chapter 1      Chapter 2     Chapter 3     Chapter 4      Chapter 5      Chapter 6

Chapter 7      Chapter 8      Chapter 9     Chapter 10     Chapter 11     Chapter 12

Hi All,

Another four months have passed. The journey that began in 2011 has ended but the memories of the place still hit hard. Remembrances are the only thing I have, of the place, of SIMC. I don’t want to end it here, but looks like this might well be the end. 12 chapters, two years and a bundle full of emotions. 13th chapter of SIMC Diaries could well be the last chapter for a supposedly ‘Perfect Ending’, but is there ever an end?

Photo Courtesy - Rosanna Abrachan

Photo Courtesy – Rosanna Abrachan

Soon after our exams there was a small farewell from our professors and the director. With many already headed home (the MBA guys, who already had jobs and the many MMC unplaced) it never seemed a moment of celebration. Yet we knew deep within that such times wouldn’t be back again. There was a BIG Farewell (at a lounge) planned, but that was much later. We walked to the auditorium and kept ourselves entertained with the special programme, the speeches, the leg-pulling and the odd sarcastic digs at people. I don’t know, but for a strange reason, there was a strange silence among people. Including me. I couldn’t figure out the reason for it either. It was a day meant for us. It was our farewell. Yet there was that bit of half-excitement in faces. Was it tension, emotion, I was clueless. Luckily the great food and some good photo-sessions cheered up all. For once, in those two years, the mess food really tasted delicious. Not that it was bland earlier, but again that x-factor used to be missing. Maybe it was made with more love and affection. After all it was a farewell dinner. The last supper!

I preferred to stay for an extra week. There was nothing to do at home so the one ‘extra’ week, especially with no liabilities at SIMC, was a luxury. We – Sidharth, Rahul, DG, Jassi, Pooja, Prutha, Prachi, Vineet, Rishabh, Smith, Aashray and myself had all decided that we shall spend a week enjoying ourselves. It was a week meant to spend some time until we explored the BAD world awaiting us. I still remember the previous few nights. We used to head down hill to Silver Spoon. Everyone had a gala time at Silver Spoon drinking till even the bottles of vodka and rum dried out.

The next few days, campus began to get deserted by the day and lonelier by night. There were few people around. My roomie Rahul (Bharadwaj) left after the last party at Silver Spoon. I still recount, him leaving a bottle of ‘Royal Stag’ behind. Was it a parting gift? Well, not really since I don’t booze (that much) so Mr. Mani (the Vizag gaaru) was lucky to get the bottle. Rishabh left soon after. Siddharth left the following Sunday. I still remember that hot Sunday afternoon. It was Rosanna, Abhay and me that bid adieu to Humanity (Siddharth). Rosanna couldn’t control her tears, as Abhay tried to console her. Rosanna and Sid were together in Journalism and thick friends. So the emotion was certain. I was sure, I will meet Siddharth soon. So a hug was all. Siddharth left. Sohom and Smith had already left. Sohom had a job in hand, so preferred going home to spend time with his parents. Almost my entire group had gone. But, thankfully, there were still some people left.

I tried to curb my loneliness making trips to Crossword and redeeming my gift vouchers. Be it book hunting, movie hunting or relishing the last few meals at Good Luck Café. The chai  and bun maska still is fresh in my mind, just like the daily baked bun. If it was not Good Luck, it was the Maggi at the NCC Canteen. Another place, in the two years, that had become my dearest companion. The ideal place to visit during the month-end! When the craving to eat something delicious would arise, but the pocket would be nearly empty! Days passed and soon it was time to say goodbye. Goodbye to SIMC and the people there.

20th March 2013. I still remember that day and the experience. It was my last day at SIMC. I still had a few things to pack and my room was in a mess. Leaving all aside, I headed to have my last breakfast on campus. Poha and chai. Jithin and Ninjaa accompanied me to the mess. We clicked some photos. We decided not to talk about our future as it was pretty uncertain! (at least at that point of time). We laughed at our best times and bonded like never before. Why is it that, when you are leaving, all memories gush like a burst hose pipe, in full force? I didn’t have an iota of clue. We just re-winded to the day we landed here, our respective journeys, our fights for petty reasons, our fights over assignment groups and silly ego issues. It was a realisation of sorts, which made me realise that life (surely) wouldn’t be the same again.

With those bundle of memories, I came back to my room. The cab was to arrive at 3:00 PM and I decided to take a shower. Ninja and Jithin said we would meet for lunch again. Vacating a hostel is a tedious task. Especially with the luggage you have. In spite of taking, almost all my things, as and when I went home, I was still having good 4-5 bags. The dirty bundle of clothes, the heaps of hangers, the three pairs of shoes, the unused blazer! And the framed SIMC photograph of batch 2011-13.

As I slowly packed these things carefully, I couldn’t hold back my emotions. I headed to the bathroom and cried. My tears gushed through the flowing water from the shower. Even during the years of my graduation, I didn’t get this emotional. I lost touch with my graduation friends ever since I had joined Citibank way back in 2009. But the present was completely different. Two years, Two long long years, where the bundle of memories felt heavier than those 4-5 bags. It was now certain, as tears continued to flow by, that “Life certainly won’t be the same again.” Period.

In the long span of my education, it was here that I made the most of my friends. It was here that I identified what it means being away from home. It was here that I experienced what is good in me and what’s bad. It was in SIMC that even after fighting with some people, there was a courtesy to forget and forgive. It all happened in speed, like a flash of thunder. The last few days, taught me the value of maintaining friendships, relationships. It taught me to laugh, cry, be sarcastic, be straightforward, be snobbish at times, be dignified and yet be a good person to each and every one. Isn’t that too much of a lesson? There surely can’t be a better lesson for life than this in a finishing school. Academically I learnt a lot and also have forgotten, but things like these will never be forgotten till the last breath. While, my future still was uncertain, I began to get that confidence. I believed that with all that bundle of learning’s, that I have achieved, I will surely manage to stand up to my parent’s expectations and not disappoint them. If not with the academic values, certainly with the learning’s and my rich experience at SIMC amongst  my friends, peers, well-wishers, seniors and amazing set of young and talented juniors.

The cab had arrived. I wanted to make a quiet exit as I wondered if like a baby the tears would start flowing once again. But there were friends to see me off. And there were a few juniors, whom I had really bonded well with. It was time to leave.

The cab slowly made its way to the main gate and in a jiffy sped down the hill. Like the two years, the journey from Pune to Vashi also passed away like speeding dust. The driver of the cab, Imran bhai asked me, why my eyes were red? I simply said, “You are driving the car a bit fast. It’s because of the speed that some dust has gone into my eyes.” He rolled the windows up and switched on the AC. As the chill wind of the air-conditioner made the windows foggy and as Imran sped the car, the memories of SIMC also sped away.

As I write the last few lines, I realise that there are still many words, which are unspoken, some huge bundle of memories, which need to be penned down. So I leave you here and promise to return back, pretty soon with the second part to “Life isn’t the same anymore” – Chapter 14, one last time.

– Rahul Iyer-


SIMC Diaries – Chapter 12 – Missed Chances

Hi All,

I just realized that it has been almost four months since the last chapter of SIMC Diaries was written. My friends, people who have closely followed this had been asking that when is the next chapter going to be out, and I kept telling them soon. So finally after three months, here I am in what is NOT the last chapter of SIMC Diaries, because it cannot end like this…

The Previous Chapters:
Chapter 1          Chapter 2          Chapter 3          Chapter 4          Chapter 5


Chapter 6          Chapter 7          Chapter 8          Chapter 9          Chapter 10          Chapter 11 

SIMC Diaries – Chapter 12 – Missed Chances.

It was probably a dream, a dream to work in an advertising production house. I was expecting and was hopeful that I shall get to work on copywriting and polish my writing skills. The fascination of how good or bad a punchline for a print ad or an outdoor hoarding always irked me. So when finally I got a call that I had been selected for an internship at Indian Magic Eye, I found myself to be lucky.

Sadly for me, I presume to have landed at the wrong place. I realised that this is more like an Ad Production cum Media agency so the copywriting dream seemed crashing right in front of my eyes. The first few days were spent watching the ads made by Indian Magic Eye and time lapses of corporate films. All we could do at this point was look into each other and say “WTF???” We had no clue of the work we were supposed to be doing in the supposedly ONE month of our internship.

Our timing was from 10 AM to 6PM. It seemed like a corporate office. People came at 10 and left before 6. We left campus at 10 and reached at 12. But no one questioned. Again the advantage of being an intern. We were finally asked to work on a corporate film for Tata Power and asked to come up with a script idea. This was on 2nd of November. We were given a week’s time to work on the script and were asked to make presentations on the same.

Like serious interns we managed to finish our work within a week, but waited so that our boss could return. All these days, we just whiled away our time impatiently waiting for our boss to return and afternoons were spent discussing the menu and venue for lunch. Preparations for Diwali had started and people around were making some elaborate plans. A small holiday calendar said that office would remain closed from 12th -17th on account of Diwali. We wondered whether we as interns are eligible for the same. We were and from the 30 days of internship we managed to sneak in a 10 day vacation, how could I forget the Sundays? So ideally we worked for 19 days. With each passing day, our levels of patience were increasing, as we waited for our boss to return so that we could discuss the script with him. But all we could get, when we came each day was an empty view of his cabin.

At last at the last week of November he came. He liked our script but suggested a few changes. We did and he gave us the green signal to go ahead. It was however sorted that it would have been impossible to shoot in the given time of 3-4 days we had. But he suggested we go for a recee.

This recee probably was the best thing in the entire internship. Driving through the ghats on Satara road, hunting for a windmill was something we were really enjoying. The windy weather, the cool breeze and a long drive was refreshing. 150 kilometres non-stop was an amazing experience. So while we did manage to finalise a location for our ad shoot, the dates and our dissertations clashed. So ultimately we decided that we shall intimate sir about this. It was not possible to shoot and we intimated this to our sir. He was cool with this and said to update him as soon as we are done with our college dissertation project. At this point when dissertation is almost done, we are still awaiting that day when we shall make that phone call.

So now internship was over. I realised that it was December – The last semester and the last moments of college life. The placement season had started. A word which dreaded most of us – Jobs. So it was time supposedly to get thinking about serious matters. To make matters worse, there was a dissertation to complete. As an audio visual student, I decided to make my first short film.

But for me and most of us, it was not just about making the film. Writing several drafts, making changes which we thought was undesirable added to our woes. Things actually got worse when we were asked to submit a production book, which included series of storyboards and floor plans. Though making them was tedious, there was a strong learning which emerged from the exercise as this is how it is supposedly done in the industry and we need to get ready for such daunting tasks ahead.

In the meantime, we sent our resumes to a few companies, sat through placement talks and wondered if the guys would ever respond.

A couple of days later, it was actually time for serious business. A reputed channel came to campus and we all were excited about the salary it was offering. The post was of a “Management Trainee” and the initial offering was roughly close to 6.5 lakhs – a sum which was a dream in front of a media student as a starting salary.

After a good placement talk, we – the twenty who applied, were divided into groups of 5 for a group discussion. I was lucky to have cleared the discussion round and awaited my personal interview only to be left out in the final round.

While 4 made it to the final round, 3 got selected. I would say a fair call as the 3 most deserving people got placed. For some time it was hurting and questions galored as to what would have gone wrong, but seeing the final people selected, I was satisfied and realised maybe I was not meant to be suited for that job.

From then, days were mostly spent working on the dreaded dissertations and completing assignments as usual.

I must say that the dissertation was something I looked forward to since the time my seniors made their films. I was hopeful, but there were those nightmarish moments which need to be completely forgotten. Bouts of frustration, each time a deadline passed by, the tedious shooting schedules – I still cannot believe that we can make a film in 5 days and edit it in another 5 as it took longer than it seemed. There was a point I felt, that maybe a thesis was a safer option, but yes I had a point to prove. My two years were at stake and it was a challenge to churn out your first film ever. I worked on several films during this process, the two years, sometimes as an assistant, a script co-ordinator, writing dialogues, but the feeling of doing everything for your own film was immense and completely different.

And then came the moment. The film was made, I had called my shots. The viva came and went by. I was happy that my film (to an extent) was appreciated and liked. I was rather having mixed emotions about my own product. You see it is something we had been told and I realised that perhaps it was right. “Never be happy about everything you have done at the first.” – I was reminded of this and said to myself, that this could have been much better.

Nevertheless, a sense of proving yourself a point had been achieved. A script which took me almost two months to write and improvise was made. “KAVYA” (the title of my first short film) was ready to be showcased. Amidst all this, time was moving fast. I could realise that the campus was getting empty faster than I imagined. My fellow MBA friends – some of the few lucky guys who had got jobs were already out of campus working, while some others decided to go and take a breather (the last one can get) before the corporate life begins to suck the blood out of you!

And then came, our Final Exams (unless I end up coming in October 2013 again to write backlogs if I get one), the FINAL call to our existence at SIMC. The exams lasted for just three days, and it seemed to get over in a jiffy. Till now, exams stretched over a week, and it was an anti-climax that things came in and got over so fast. College was finally over. Yet it was hard for us to believe that in a matter of few days, we would be like those migratory birds that fly away during seasonal changes and head back to the place after a point of time. But for us even that option was not open. We shall be soon flying away to the world of our dreams and ambitions, never to return back to our wonderful world of what we called a College Life.

Well, I do not want to end this here…So I leave you at this point to come back with, what SIMC meant to me and the memories of the two years. So as I head to catch a cup of coffee, you cherish and remember your most wonderful days of college…

Rahul Iyer

SIMC Diaries – Chapter 11 – Of Sleepless Nights and Endless Talks…

Hi All, 

Wishing all a very Happy Diwali and greetings for the season.

SIMC Diaries has always been close to my heart. The experiences at SIMC Pune over the last one and half years have been amazing. There are so many wonderful moments, good and bad times but I do not wish to write about each of them in SIMC Diaries. Some memories and moments are meant to be as personal, while there are some which all need to know. Today as SIMC Diaries reaches on the verge of it’s final few chapters, a journey through the two years of mine at a media college, a journey which was made engaging and eventful with all the people associated with me, I take immense pleasure to thank all who have always supported me in my endeavor for writing. SIMC Diaries started off as my personal journey, but as it progressed it became as much as my readers as it was mine. Thank’s again. I remember mentioning about it in my previous posts as well, but it feels great. I remember a few juniors, my professors at SIMC, my seniors who said they follow SIMC Diaries and await my next post. So for them..for all…Here it is…Chapter 11. 

It took me longer, than most of my other chapters to write this. The simple reason being that I was unsure if I had to include certain things. I used to write, edit and then write again. But then I thought, maybe things need to go out from the heart. So it was then I decided to keep a few things which might sound harsh to few, but then it’s a personal thought. 

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SIMC Diaries – Chapter 11 – Of Sleepless Nights and Endless Talks…

The BAD DAYS of May and June: The Passing Phase:

With each passing day at home, when LIFE seemed difficult, hard to digest and to think of what happened, I quietly spent my time meeting old friends and re-living the good old graduation days. While slowly things back at home finally seemed falling back into shape, I was relieved that there is peace around which I had been seeking desperately in the last few weeks. I remembered Niranjana’s quote – When the world says, “Give up,” Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”

I tried and I felt good that at a time when it seemed the end of the road, the light was just shining bright for me – AGAIN!! I went and met my mentor and my teacher Moris Sir (with whom I shared a professional cum personal relation during my student days and he has been my driving force) and it felt equally good to interact with him all over again after such a long time. While he still sarcastically said, I should be teaching students – a hidden skill that he had discovered in me 5 years ago, he never drifted away from applauding all that I had been doing. I came back and pondered over his words. When someone like him with whom I have spent just 5 years with could understand and applaud my efforts, why could not my own folks. However I chose to keep mum and not to discuss this at all, at least now when things were getting better.

My classes at Pune had started. Two days after classes formally begun (and got cancelled due to lack of student quorum), I headed back to Lavale with a fresh mind and some fresh words of motivation from my sir. As I packed my baggage, memories of a year gone by, memories of people I spent and memories which could be captivated for a lifetime flashed through my mind.

Rains had made its presence in Mumbai and the feeling was awesome. The smell of the mud, the trickling drops over the window pane, the evening cup of hot coffee and biscuits and the warmth of the blanket at home took me back to SIMC where the memories of the 5:00 PM Mess tea (or FREE TEA) came alive.

For a moment I felt, I should stay back in Mumbai and enjoy the weather, but I had already begun to miss the hills. The night before I was supposed to leave for Pune, I spent time sitting alone, all by myself at Mini Seashore ( a place which was my companion for peace) near my house remembering the moments of the year gone by yet again. The sweet drizzle of raindrops and the chill weather had set the perfect mood to induce the flow of words and the ambience to pen down a poem.

Seemed that it was just like Yesterday…
Aimless, confused about life, I made my way dabbling through roads,
Roads which had bends and several speed breakers,
While at times they lead to new discoveries and new thoughts about Life,
Many a times they led to rocky terrains, dark, bumpy and dreadful to tread on,
Reaching a place, which was a distant dream, unaware of the surprises and struggles to face,
Coping up with the unknown – place, people and thoughts never heard of, yet trying hard to learn
The journey which so far has been memorable even with the ups and downs,
The memories of times spent with friends now family, the affections and turbulences,
The pleasure of understanding what Life is…The beauties and the ugliness that comes with it…
The journey where bitter-sweet memories remain with You for the rest of your life,
The journey of understanding the transformation from the confused soul to a matured man,
The joys and sorrows of the last one year….and expectations of some unfinished tasks ahead
All it seemed that time waded fast through gushing waters, travelling at the speed of light,
While I still pondered about what lies in store at the bay….
Seems like it was just like Yesterday!!!

I came back from Mini Seashore and left for Pune the next day. The two months in Mumbai had almost made me forget what the hills were like, although I did miss staying, but somehow as I made my way through the campus gate, I sensed that the place is not as warm it used to be a year earlier. I sensed that it’s just about eight to ten months that this place would become a stranger to me. I walked inside further only to find myself confused as I was surprised to see new faces and new people. I remembered that when I came I met a few seniors and now it had been a year. The seniors with whom I had shared special bondings were not there. Suddenly I began to miss them. Archana, Kalyan (even though he wasn’t even from SIMC and had picked a fight with me before leaving), Sameer, Mithil and team and many others, they just were not here anymore. That was when I realised that maybe a year later even we shall wander away into different spaces of the planet and who knows, the promises to stay in touch would remain a distant dream.

Just as I walked in to the mess to meet Suraj Bhaiyya (the mess owner), I heard someone calling out my name. I was surprised and turned to find a few familiar faces. These were a few juniors I met during the Mumbai Meet at Candies in Bandra – a tradition which probably started in our batch. I asked them about their feeling of how Lavale is and the campus and all I heard from them were their excited feelings. I told them that I was as excited as they are when I arrived last year. They had already started cribbing about their classes being scheduled for eight hours to which I asked them, “Which Stream?” and the reply was prompt, “MBA”. I laughed away and told them that even in MMC there will be hectic schedules. I headed off to my new room – Room No. 205 which now was on the first floor.

The room was airy and faced the garden. The room being on the first floor was much cooler unlike my earlier room which was at the basement. My new roommate Rahul Bharadwaj was still in Bangalore tied with his internship. He was supposed to join me a week later. I arranged my things and headed off to meet my friends.

The next few days were spent discussing internship gossips, gossips about girls bitching about their bosses and guys discussing about the hot chicks they met during their internship, as obvious as it may seem. Luckily for me my batch mates still were not in full strength on campus, which meant that our classes were scheduled from Monday. It meant we had two days off. I and Smit chose to attend a lecture scheduled for the juniors by an eminent journalist Mr. Randhir Khare – who writes a lot for Pune Mirror and it somehow proved to be a refreshing change. Amidst the batch of 50 plus juniors we were two senior students attending classes, trying to show off as put in by other few batch mates who quietly managed to bunk the second half after sitting and sleeping through the first.

That was the first day of the 3rd Semester. Maybe the only day, where we had our freedom and leisure as the next few months rattled our brains, sleep and stretched us far both mentally and physically. Academics and the so called “pressures”, assignments as usual and classes until late night as late as 9:30 PM, (however in Lavale it is never too late).

Like the sky, and weather even things at Lavale had changed, some for good and the rest for the better. While new friends continued to be added to my Facebook list, there were a few old ones who made their way out for the new ones. I never wanted this to happen but probably, that was the way it was meant to be. One cannot take always things for granted right? One needs to take a stand somewhere and that’s when I felt that maybe the time has come to move on. For days I kept pondering about a few people who gave advices and were motivating me when I spoke to them a lot of things.  It was then I realised that many of them who did give advices but rather ended up saying things and doubting your intentions behind your back. The advices were just a covering like a chocolate wrapper but more like a word of caution to avoid the bumps that come on the way. The comfort level that was built with some suddenly seemed to be in doubt. A year and a half spent with some amazing friends, yet the thought of losing a few of them disturbed me. But it was time to take the step ahead and move on. Talking and sorting out issues did not help so the best solution was moving on. I did the same.

Time and again people started taking a dig at me. Some were obvious with their wicked intentions and their motives to pull me down became clear, while some took a dig trying to be too sarcastic. What could I do? I had no choice and it was time to retaliate. I could never be sarcastic the way people were to me, yet I tried. To an extent I succeeded. Those probably were the tough days at SIMC.  As our batches separated into their specializations, people became busy with assignments and deadlines as usual.

The regular walks towards the academic block post dinner, those idle talks at the PMC (Oh Yeah for all those who don’t know what a PMC is – It’s the common space between the Girl’s and Boy’s hostel popularly referred as the Piya Milan Chowk for all the obvious reasons!!) with my vella (crazy and chilled and useless buggers) group reduced. There was a time when we sat till the guard whistled us to get back to the hostel. But now times had changed. Just in a span of two months. Dinner used to be get done by 10 and I would be back in my room by 11 max.  The space was now taken over by the juniors who jammed all through the night. Luckily before it got worse (cribbing about the boring depressing times) I found a new adda – Sidharth aka Humanity’s room. While a few friends did drift away, there were one’s like Sidharth who stayed along with Vineet, Smit, and my new roomie Rahul.  Sid’s room was the place for the gossips and gupshups about everything – more on the academic side as Sid was the Student Academic Head. I must say that the discussions which spanned over hours and hours did give me a relief and eased my tension. The thrash news was dumped and the spiciest ones were dug deep in.  More news on relationship statuses, the bromances (Broken Romances) and all the guy talks came alive in Room: 206. Who says it’s only the girls who have a gala time when in a gang!!

What started off as a meeting between the 3 Iyer’s (myself, Sid and Rahul B) soon became a rage. Room 206 was bustling at the middle of the night with all those random chats about the silliest things on the planet. The fun filled days were back again. We forgot the fact that classes began as early as 9 and immersed ourselves into those long chats. Maybe we had realized the fact that we just had a few months to go on this campus till we part ways for a promising (hopefully) future ahead.

Trips to Silver Spoon started and soon became a regular affair (though the 2 Iyer’s – Sid and me abstained from drinking) while the other’s almost got sloshed. 

For both of us Coke was our companion. Open Happiness truly I say.

One of the best memories of Semester III @ SIMC

Time for some war of words…Oh Really! Bring it on:

While on one hands there were moments like these which could be cherished for times to come, situation at the class was somewhat different. I was amazed at the same time disturbed to see my close friend behaving awkwardly. While there were loads of academic issues bothering us, somewhere deep inside I felt that the fault was ours too. In the gamut of having fun and whiling away time, as media students, probably we had gone a bit overboard. We took chances with our class schedules reaching earlier before schedules ended (pun intended), trying hard to keep the class strength minimal as possible and if that did not work, making the best excuse of why we could not attend classes. It was those few days which were critical, at SIMC. While a few unanimously (I always thought unanimous decisions are taken in consensus with the entire quorum being present, Mistake) decided not to admit their faults, defended their fellow mates, I was accused of standing against my own batch. It couldn’t have got worse than this, in the one and half years spent. The negative vibes were clearly being seen and spread like poison (literally). I would not mind exaggerating things, but it is all true. Accusations of plotting, bitching against one’s back and that war of words were heavier and nastier than those unruly parliamentary acts. In fact the latter could still be better.

I remember each evening in the last few months; I had been making calls at home and questioning my own integrity. Whether it was wrong to stand against something which is not right? And for how long would one keep defending things. As, post graduate students, these acts were completely uncalled for. However what made me realize, after what my dad said was true. The age matters. I thought two years ahead of them considering my age, while they still thought like immature adults.

It all seemed like the new age college politics. Parties were being formed and strategies plotted. There were a few like me who cared not to give an f*%k and take it as it comes. 

It took it’s time but then things which were more important were focussed on. No one had time for these mindless talks. It was time for the exams. They came and went in a jiffy. And soon, we had our winter internships. Unlike the last time, where the wait was longer to get into a company, I was somewhat lucky. I remember sending my CV to a company and getting back a reply the next day, stating that I was selected. Indian Magic Eye, Pune, it was. And again it was me and Vineet together. We interned at UTV also together and now it would be Pune. So well, how the experience was…

You keep guessing…

Unveiling more….in Chapter 12…stay tuned…


SIMC Diaries – Chapter 10 – Internship Woes, Wow’s, and Life beyond a Media College.

Hi Friends:

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2nd June 2012: A YEAR GONE BY

It has been exactly a year today since a journey, a new beginning was made. A journey filled with huge expectations and the baggage of leaving a plum career of banking behind. The eventful year, the last year has been has had great moments spent with friends, has had moments which have been an integral part to my growth as a person, moments of happiness and moments of sadness and more importantly memories which shall remain edged in my mind and heart forever.

Today as I sit and write the 10th chapter of SIMC Diaries, rather the first few paragraphs (I wrote the latter half of this chapter while I was interning at UTV – an experience itself of how I got through there which forms the crux of this chapter), I remember all my friends and family, both who encouraged me to take the bold step of sacrifising a career in banking to join media. I also remember friends who discouraged me and stopped me from making this random choice :P. More importantly, I would like to say that initially SIMC DIARIES was just my experience about joining a media school, but 10 chapters later it is an experience of my batchmates as well.

For all my juniors and my soon to be friends at SIMC Pune, wishing you good-luck and successs. Looking forward to meet you in campus soon.

CHAPTER 10 – Internship Woes, Wow’s

I was irked. Nothing seemed to come my way. With each passing day of February and March, life for me was getting tougher and tougher. We had fewer classes and all our time was devoted to complete our final documentary film.

In the meantime, I came home a couple of times to de-stress and relieve myself. But things were not good even at home. I used to continuously be bothered and irritated by my parent’s asking me day in and day out as to where have I got my internship and I said I have applied in a few places and the results would be out soon. They asked me if I was happy with what I was doing – a question which was asked a thousand times since the day I joined this place. All I did was gave them a smile and said- I am happy. Deep inside I was equally tensed as I was not getting what I really wanted to do.

I knew my friends in the placement cell – Sohom, Sonal, Vineet, Pratiti, Spandan, Pranati , Parinita were trying and trying really hard and I knew what was in their minds and how frustrating it could get making calls to people and facing abuses over phone. I was a part of the placement cell and left at the onset of January due to some other commitments. So I realised that there is no one to blame for especially when the industry itself is going through a lull phase.  All I did was simply listened to the taunts from my parents.

Days at home were simply spent watching television, and evenings simply whiled away locked in my room. Even Facebook was getting boring. Sleepless nights were spent thinking of whether the decision to join a media school was right or wrong. I was never bothered about academics and assignments as I was grateful enough to complete them with the inputs given by the teachers and faculty in college. But the thought of waiting for the right internship to come my way disturbed me.

Media is a huge field and one can do as many things one wants. While few of my friends were experts in editing and direction – Sohom, Ritwik, Nikhil my roomie to be precise, a few others in camera – Piyush and Niranjana and a couple of others in photography- Anisha, Sonal and who can forget Saikishore a.k.a Psyche, I was at that moment clueless as I did not want to do technical stuff. I wanted to develop my writing skills and conceptualise stories. I had no choice but wait.

Luckily for me the option of interning with UTV came at the right time. They wanted interns for concepts and creatives. I was thrilled as finally something which I wanted to do was there in front of me. I knew it would be a challenging task but thank god things went smoothly and myself along with my three other friends Vineet ,Prateek  and Ankita made it. UTV it was!! I still remember the day when I bagged this internship and informed my parents. The welcome at home was fabulous. I was relieved to see a smile on their faces. It was finally a sigh of relief.

Exams went in a jiffy and it was time to vacate the hostels and head back home. A year completed at SIMC. Bidding adieus to friends now family I sat in the cab to come back to Vashi (where I stay). As i travelled back home in the evening, thoughts and memories of the last one year spent flashed through my mind. Moments of happiness, moments of sadness, moments with friends, moments spent alone, each and every moment which made my life at SIMC worthy of remembrance for a lifetime.

It was a year before that I came here clueless about LIFE. And a year later, I was heading back with a task half done as a more matured individual, more experienced with nuances of life and with more aims and hopes to return for the last leg of college life.

A week long break at home, the sheer enjoyment of having home food and shamelessly hogging on to pastries and ice-creams brought the extra bit of flab in me, but who cares as long as you feel happy and relaxed. An urge for being fit before work also crept in so evening walks to the station or a walk at Mini-Seashore (a small walking area near my house) became a part of my otherwise lazy routine.

My joining at UTV was on 9th April. The first few days at work were pretty chilled out and time was spent chit-chatting and Facebooking.  But in days to come we were given work and serious work. Since we (I, Vineet and Prateek) were in the fiction team, we were asked to watch a daily soap and analyse the dipping TRP’s. As a student of media, the task was challenging and exciting.  

Soon a week passed, and now as I write this very line, I realise we soon are on the verge of completing a month.  The journey has been good so far and the time spent great. It may not be a situation of a corporate office where you come at 9 in the morning and leave at sharp 6 in the evening, but it’s surely a situation that one needs to get used to in this profession.

The best part has been the travelling (especially for me) as it is after a long long time that the Mumbai Local train syndrome has hit me. I am at Vashi station and it is 9:40 and I await my train to Wadala from which a 10:22 – Bandra train awaits me. From there I take a 10:41 fast train to Virar on my way where I get down at Mira Road. How monotonous it seems!! But that’s how life has been in the last few weeks. Surely having a gala time before another year begins.

Life beyond a media college:

7th May 2012

5:00 PM

I have spent two days at home, doing absolutely nothing. I am down with a bad throat and fever and feeling sick. All I have been doing is sleeping. I have enjoyed the last few weeks where work has been more than exciting. Just when things were going awesome, this bloody illness strikes. I hate it.

Adding to your woes is something that you least expect. Just when you think that things are going right for you, you get the biggest shock of your life. Such is the nature of life. I know the amount of convincing it took from my side to tell my parents how desperately I wanted to have a change of career and a change of field and do what I like. I am sure many people have dreams and it is just a matter of time before they take a decision. The only thing that you need to be careful is the AGE at which you take this decision.  They say that there is no age to creativity and one can reach skies. Yes but there is a lot of struggle in this field when you are a complete newcomer. Over the last one year, I have had the privilege of meeting so many people whom I never even thought, I would ever meet, learnt lessons of life, about the field and so many things, and a lot of  people shared similar views, but one thing I firmly believe is that one must have the balls to make huge sacrifices. You may encounter huge problems like I encountered (the shock I got that day) but if you are able to stand tall and deliver, there is nothing like it. What was the shock?

Well it is unfair of me to say it was not my fault at all. But the fact that things would get so nasty, was never even thought by me even in the wildest of my dreams. You see when we reach a certain age, EGO clashes with parents become a common thing. They say something, we retaliate, a few words exchanged here and there and this happens in most cases when in matters related to one’s career. Generation Gap as most people would say it.

I never had my parents pressurise me for anything. Till that day, everything was going smoothly. But the one fact which always was in my mind was that somewhere down the line I could sense the dis-satisfaction and a worried look on my parents face. I tried asking my parents about this. While my dad expressed his dissatisfaction sarcastically, mum refused to speak and asked me to concentrate on my internship. I felt that I had, had enough. Those taunts and arguments on career decisions right or wrong were getting disturbing. It was sad and disgusting to listen to words and the mention of a past job at Citigroup not to be left when things were smooth then. I tried convincing and said that one cannot have satisfaction in what we don’t like. We have watched so many movies in recent times which talk of parental pressure and youngsters getting stuck in a huge dilemma when it comes to making choices. I said in a couple of years things would fall back to normal. Things take time to settle. I was being practical and my dad maybe unreal. He argued and words were exchanged.

I was heartbroken. I cried alone sitting locked in my room. Situation over the last few months as far as I know were not great. My mum was recovering from a major illness and the fights at the house made things miserable even for her. She did not know whose side to take. When she spoke on my behest, dad used to shout at her, and when she tried to reason it led to further arguments. I don’t know but since then things were never the same again. It was like I was staying in a house which suddenly in 24 years never seemed mine anymore. It just made me think – HAD I MADE A RIGHT DECISION IN LIFE? It was this very decision which had led to all this. But at the cost of your family?

I was de-motivated. I was shocked. Such is my life beyond a media college. And not mine alone but a lot of others who battle the endless and numerous challenges at the cost of their loved ones. This is my story and maybe someone may have another one to tell. It is not fiction – a fact, a fact that shall urge everyone to think twice before taking a major decision.

Yes it is right to put dreams and ambitions in forefront, if you have the right support and backing. But certainly not when you have to battle taunts at the dinner table each day, each night. Not when you stay in a house which suddenly never seems your own. And certainly not when you see your day ending on a sour note the moment when you come back from work where you have had a great day and realising that this is not the best place I ought to be at the moment.

Times have been testing. I am not dejected. As I write this I believe and know that things would be fine.  “This too shall pass” – A Facebook status by Niranjana H, a dear friend gives me a certain sense of confidence. As I end the chapter which even I feel has become so heavy, I want to leave you all with a FOOD FOR THOUGHT – When the world says, “Give up,” Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.” – Anonymous

Gearing up for the last phase of education – Unveiling in Chapter 11