It’s for the GIRL…

Discovering…TRUE LOVE

By: Rahul Iyer


“LOVE is a disease that destroys all the 5 senses”. Some fall prey to this while some manage to escape and emerge victorious in life and in winning the relationship. But many across this world wait for the right moment, for the right girl and for LOVE to happen eventually. Whether they miss the early train and catch it later is not the question, but how far do they emerge as WINNERS is the point here.

Many a times people meet different personalities, exchange different ideologies, views and thoughts. For many of them falling in LOVE @ first sight is heavenly, while for many it’s just not happening. Eventually one discovers through the journey called LIFE, who the real soulmate actually is.

This is the story of Ramesh – a young guy with big dreams and high ambitions. He has everything and anything he wishes to have, but all he is waiting for is LOVE. Discovering his SOULMATE.

Chapter: 1 – Sometime back in School


It was 6:15 AM and a cold winter morning. Ramesh was still sleeping. His appa (dad) came to him and said, “Dai endru da, mani 6:15 aardu. School Pondam aa?” (Hey it is 6:15, don’t you want to go to school). Ramesh slowly got up lazily from his bed, headed to the bathroom and switched on the geyser. As he did so, he thought of the classes he had to attend in school and whether he had completed all his previous homework.

Ramesh was not usually a late-riser. He was a bright student studying in Class Ninth at St. Agnels and was a guy who was brought up in a typical Tamil Brahmin Iyer family. His appa (dad) was a retired bank employee and his amma (mum) a government servant. His akka (sister) was aspiring to be a chartered accountant. And Ramesh? Well for now all plans he had was to go to school, attend tuitions and play basketball and cricket. He just woke up late today because he was watching “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” being aired on cable the previous night.

He had watched the film for almost 10 times now since the day it was released and remembered the dialogues by-heart. As he stepped out of the bathroom, he hummed into whistling the famous SRK whistle from the film and got a thump on his back from his dad. He got startled and hurriedly got ready to rush to school. He sipped his coffee and ate few Parle-G biscuits and rushed down the stairs of his building only to realize that he forgot his cycle keys. He came up and rang the bell 2-3 times further annoying his dad and got a dose from him early in the morning.

As he hurriedly unlocked his cycle, he also remembered he had to call Deepika. Deepika and Ramesh had known each other from class four and both cycled to school together. Although Deepika was in a different school, they both knew and kept each other updated about their whereabouts. They went to the same tuitions, cycled together in the evenings and sometimes even played badminton together late night.

Ramesh called out to Deepika from below her building. “2 minutes,” she said. He waited. Deepika came down and Ramesh was surprised that she was not carrying her cycle keys. He asked her, “What re aren’t we cycling today to school?” to which she smiled and said, “Nai. Cycle is punctured and I forgot to repair it. Either you take me double-seat or we walk.” Ramesh agreed to take her doubles on his bike, but half way through as luck had its way even his cycle got punctured and they had no option but to walk towards school.

As they reached the gate of St. Mary’s Ramesh said, “Deeps your school is here. I’ll meet you at 12:45 here only.” “Okay”, she said and smiled at him. Ramesh left.

The assembly was over and slowly people headed their way back to the classes. While Ramesh occupied his usual place – the third bench of the second row, he was surprised that Naveen his best friend and benchmate was not sitting next to him today. Naveen had occupied the last bench and was chit-chatting with others.

Ramesh saw that Naveen was not his usual self and was rather a bit distracted. Before he could ask him, Kinjal Miss entered the class and the class went into pin drop silence. Kinjal Miss was the class teacher of Ninth E and was one of the most beautiful looking teachers in the entire school. She usually wore either jeans and a kurta or a salwaar kameez but today she was dressed in a saree.

As she took the attendance, and slowly started to write on the board, sweat drops trickled through her hips. Ramesh who was sitting at the third bench found it rather embarrassing. He found it even more embarrassing when Mam turned towards the class and while she was lecturing the class, her navel was exposed. Ramesh was a bit distracted and even while he tried to keep his eyes of her, he could not.

Finally the class was over. It was the recess break. Ramesh walked to Naveen and asked him, “Bro what’s up. Why you did not sit with me today?” Naveen smiled and said, “Arre nothing man, Prem had something to show me at the back bench so I sat with him. Kal tere saath baithunga na!” Ramesh asked again, “What was so urgent that he had to show and made you feel distracted?” Naveen had this crazy expression on his face and said, “Okay bro, wait back after class I’ll tell Prem to show you as well.”  Ramesh said okay and went back to his bench.

It was 12:30 and the day was over. Ramesh packed his bag and went to Naveen. Naveen was near the cycle park with Prem, Nayan,Raechel, Sushmita and Sidharth. They were all in a circle, standing and looking at something. As Ramesh walked towards them, they suddenly got cautious and stood as if nothing had happened. Ramesh went to Naveen and said, “Ab bata what you wanted me to show.” Naveen looked at Prem and said, “Kya be isko batana hai kya?” Prem first hesitated but after many convincing and promises that this should not be let or told to anyone he finally agreed to show Ramesh the thing. He slowly removed a cell phone from his bag and switched on the Media application. What Ramesh saw startled and shocked him completely. He was shocked to see a young girl and a guy smooching on screen of the cell phone. The guy there had his hand held over the breasts of this girl and caressing them. What was even more shocking to see that both of them were young teens doing stuff which Ramesh found hard to believe. Ramesh at once said, “Stop It. What the hell is this? This is so dirty and hopeless stuff.” He looked at Naveen and said “Saale, from when did you start watching this kind of stuff” to which he replied, “Yaar yeh sab to aaj ke zamane main Normal hain. Ek Ladka aur Ladki to islye Pyaar karte hain taaki wo Yeh kar sake.” Ramesh was aghast. He could not even think of standing there a minute anymore. He stared at Raechel and Sushmita who inspite being girls left no room in enjoying the dirty video. He gave them an expressionless look and exclaimed at them, “I can’t believe you girls are also a part of this. Won’t you feel ashamed?” Sushmita said, “Look dude, I think we are grown up enough to take care of ourselves. So do not care about giving advice on such things. Just Chill”

Ramesh had nothing to say. He looked at his watch in disgust which showed that it was 1:30. He held his head in an unpleasant manner. He in all this confusion had completely forgotten that he had to meet Deepika at her school gate and that theyhad to walk back together. He wondered if she would still be there and how angry will she be on him. He slowly walked back towards St. Marys to see if she was still there.